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Round-Up for 10/7

Hello Commons,

Most of the time, I’d say 97% at least, I’m totally proud of having graduated from Hunter College and CUNY.  But ever so often something like this comes along and makes me regret everything.  With apologies to CUNY Games, I’m not really a video game guy, but it’s hard not be impressed watching a huge marching band play Tetris, Mario, and Space Invaders with their bodies, on a football field, while playing instruments.  Stick around in that video and you’ll get to watch the Ohio State band make a horse that takes up the whole field and then make it run.  I’m running out of italics.  These guys are basically a few big flash cards away from the Mass Games.

If nothing else, that Ohio State marching band video is about 6,000% more entertaining that this week’s presidential debate. Tony Picciano checked in after the debates and shared his thoughts.  The rest of the Commons was surprisingly mum.  I’m not real sure what to think.  Some folks are saying he was taken by surprise, others that he’s always been a terrible debater.  I mostly just got the impression that right before he went on stage someone handed him a brief with the world’s most devastating news and it’s better I don’t know what was in that envelope.

Frankly, it was just filler for the right fight: Biden Vs. Ryan.  I cannot wait.

The Open Access blog was killing it last week with some big events on the horizon.  First up is an Author’s Rights event at City Tech that anyone who’s writing to publish should probably check out.  Personally, I have no idea what I’m signing when I come out of my article writing haze.  They’re also promising wine and cheese.  Later that same week at the Graduate Center the Open Access group will be hosting two sessions on getting CUNY to make the move to Open Access and, later, on using Open Access textbooks and teaching materials.  Thanks so much for these great events!

Finally this week – If you missed it in the blogs Professor Sellie’s Library Resources Page had a fantastic post with some vintage library posters.  There’s got to be a stack of posters like these sitting around an office somewhere at CUNY.  Start digging!

Till next week.


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